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Established in 2010, EasyGlove is the UK agent for the patented Clean Hands® system. After a trip to Italy we discovered this fantastic innovation in hand hygiene.

The product is used extensively across mainland Europe.  We noticed it wasn’t available in the UK so we began to import.

We were using box after box of disposable gloves with staff wanting a quick, simple (and non-latex!) solution to serving food and then taking money or carrying on with other tasks. The Clean Hands® system ticked all of the boxes.

We loved the product so much that we became the agent and distributor for the UK and Ireland and now help lots of other food service customers see the benefits for their businesses.

We can provide you with


With stock in the UK we can provide next-day deliveries. Great for when you need your disposable glove products quickly!


We are here to help! With 24/7 email and phone access we can quickly help you get the most out of your Clean Hands Product.

Sales Team Support

We can provide all promo materials and info needed by your sales teams. This helps inform and get our Clean Hands® disposable glove product to your customers.


With experience in owning restaurants and catering we are well-placed to advise on the best products for your business.

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