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The Clean Hands® Multi-Use Starter Kit is the perfect way to get up and running with the Clean Hands® system. Can be attached onto a counter or can be worn by staff on a belt, apron or simply cliped into a pocket.


Each kit includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Wristband
  • 1 x Magnetic Multi-Use Docking base (with 3M velcro strip)
  • 100 x Clean Hands® glove refills
  • 1 x Clean Hands® window sticker
  • Instructions for use


Clean Hands® gloves are specifically designed to snugly fit around the magnetic wristband.


Multi Use Docking base can be affixed to any surface using the 3M velcro strip supplied.


Unlike polythene gloves, Clean Hands® gloves are made from Coex Polyethylene, a special non-powdered polymer that is more resistant to static and sweat, making them perfect for quick and easy on-off and re-use.


One-size fits all. Gloves can be use on left or right hands by turning the glove over and inserting the magnetic bracelet for use.


100% recyclable, pop in usual plastic recyling.



Clean Hands® Multi-Use Starter Kit (inc. 100 gloves)

£31.99 Regular Price
£26.99Sale Price
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